We are very happy to see this new look. Where do we find our posts and our marks details in new scn

vamsilakshman.p 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

Actually i posted one Question to SCN, but i am unable to check the status of my Post.

Where should we find our Points in scn.

How do we follow the updated posts from the experts...



If your question is published, you can see it on your profile page on people.sap.com.

The SCN point system has been retired and will be replaced with a new reputation program. You can find a snapshot about your legacy points also on your profile after clicking on the "X Legacy Badges" link under the Reputation section.

If you find a person whose updates interest you, then you can also follow them by clicking on their names and then the follow button on their profile pages.




Thanks for your reply...