Missing members contact details

susana.messias 5 years ago updated by Franz Heidl 5 years ago 5

What contact details are you missing and where did you look? I may be able to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

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Before we were able to see comunication details of other members who post messages in the community, now I do not find it.

For instance I was trying to get in contact with https://people.sap.com/ricardo.miranda78 to see if he has more information about a post he answered. And I am not able to see his e-mail address.


Even in the old SCN, email addresses were displayed or not displayed according to the person's settings. Many, if not most, people kept their personal information to themselves rather than making them public. You can still reach out to the person via the Chat feature. It still has some bugs, but is functional in Chrome (but not IE). Open a Chrome browser window and navigate to messages.sap.com. Click on the + sign, select Direct at the top of the popup window and enter Ricardo's SCN ID (ricardo.miranda78) which can be found on their page such as your url will direct you. Remove the @ from @ricardo.miranda78, copy and paste it into the search field and hit Okay at the bottom of the Popup. You should then see a chat window created with Ricardo's name. This a private chat between the two of you. You can also create group chats by adding multiple names one at a time and clicking on the checkbox next to their name when it comes up in the search results.

Hope this helps and if something is not clear, please reply back again.

Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Some people edit their profile and add their email address as the first line. If you wish to do that, and remember it will be viewed by everyone, then go to people.sap.com which takes you to your personal profile. Click on Edit to make changes as you see fit. But again remember, everyone will see it. It is a little bit like the Status updates you could do in the old SCN. It is free form text and is a good place to put other information you might want to make visible like your company name, website, etc.

Cheers, Mike