Not all answers are visible under 'Content' on profile page

Eli Klovski 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4


Currently, my profile shows 13 answers. Though, I definitely posted more... Can you please check this matter?



P.S. I'm speaking of answers posted under new platform. I'm aware that old posts are archived.


We always display a cached version of the profile. Updates of a profile like showing latest content are being done whenever the last view of the profile is older than 10 minutes. Hence I assume that you had a look again at your profile after you submitted the question and it took place in less than 10 mins after the actual submission.

We of course know that this is not the ideal situation and we are also looking into designing a faster solution.


Hi Eli,

Can you check to see if some of your posts were comments instead of answers. Answers are tracked, but at the moment, comments on AnswerHub and comments to Blogs (WordPress) are not tracked in a member's profile. Neither are Discussions/Comments in Coffee Corner. This has come up in conversations in the Moderator's Jam Group, Using SAP.com questions, or Coffee Corner previously, but I am not sure which.

Cheers, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

It looks, indeed, like a question of delayed update. I'm no convinced about 10 minutes, but after certain delay the content is eventually updated.