New community system is confusing

Patric Leßmann 6 years ago updated by michael appleby 6 years ago 1

Hello everybody,

I am really not a person, who says "In former times everything was better..." - BUT the new community system, which replaced the clearly structured SCN, we knew and loved, is no improvement, at all!

It is impossible to get a clearly arranged overview about the available information on a specific topic. It takes much more valueable time to find the information one needs. Moreover I am never sure, that I really receive everything concerning my question, that is available. If so, the present information amount, compared to that from the old SCN is nearly nothing.

My honest suggestion is, to roll back to the well known and intuitive SCN-system and perhaps go on this software, once it is usable, tested and helpful.

There are people who have to earn money with SAP-software. We have no time to search half a day for one information, which could found within 5 minutes in the previous system!!!

Kind regards,


Hi Patric,

I feel your pain as I think the 1DX SCN team pushed it out prematurely. However, we can't stuff the genie back into the bottle and now have to move forward. If you want to report specific bugs, please post a Question using the Primary Tag "Using SAP.com" with the issues that need fixing. Might also want to stop by Idea Place to see what others have proposed. https://ideas.sap.com/ct/ct_list.bix?c=3F1503D6-1AE6-409A-A17A-8360D3F46A40

Can you give me some specifics of the information in what technology area you are searching so I can show you some of the tricks of the navigation and finding things?

To start, I use three searchs until I find what I want. Each has its advantages and flaws. All together, they do a pretty good job.


Cheers, Mike