No direct link to access My Profile page

Yogesh Patel 5 years ago updated by michael.appleby 5 years ago 3


There is no direct link to access My Profile. First you need to go Account settings and after you can go to my profile. Its better to have direct link for My Profile.

just go to people.sap.com


In fact there is one: When you open the Menu under your small avatar in the header, there is a larger avatar. When you click it, you'll be taken to your Profile. Personally, I can't blame you for not finding this link, and I hope this will be fixed at some point.

I have a request in for that change. Either a new link or change the name to My Profile and make sure it is obviously a link instead ofbeing hidden in the icon or name. Wish I could give you an estimated date for implementation, but hopefully soon.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

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