When you change email address, maintain your stuff

antonietta 8 years ago updated by michael appleby 8 years ago 3

When you change companies , usually happens to have to change your email address. I'd like to be able to recover everything that I did, not only the badge for reputation but also the documentation created by Me , blogs , wikis in my new account


Hi Antonietta,

thanks for the feedback. we are definitely aware of this issue and think about how to resolve this.


It seems that the email address is part of the primary key of a user account, so if your email address changes then you need a new account.

I really hope that is not the database design, it is, it is insane.Contact details like address, phone number, email, can and do change over time for the same person. They are still the same person afterwards. In SAP HR you can change address and not need a new personnel number.

It is lucky age is not part of the primary key, otherwise you would need a new account every year.


I've got to agree with Paul. Along with the S and P number rigidity, this is a poor design. The primary key should be independent of such malleable data. Ideally email address would be a mandatory field (maybe), but allowed to be updated.