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Region by default USA

Arshiyan 8 years ago updated by paul hardy 8 years ago 2

Even after selecting required region on initial screen & entering in community, again go back to initial screen. It is taking default USA as region

Under review

On what initial screen did you select a region? What does 'taking default USA as a region' mean/where is this shown/reflected?


What happens is thus. You log onto SAP.COM. After a gigantic delay, more than for any web site in history, the landing page appears.

At the bottom of the screen is that huge pointless picture of people standing round having a good time, hiding the useful links which are hiding off the bottom of the screen. SAP has never understood UX design and still does not, clearly.

At the top of the screen is the search icon, then an icon saying "log on" and then a little circle showing the stars and stripes.

It is odd that a German company would presume every single person in the world lives in America. In actual fact they do not.

When you do press "log on" (which I never had to do under the old system, the Chrome browser remembered the logon details) the USA icon goes away.

On proper social media sites, that know what they are doing, you get the flag of whatever country you have nominated as your home country.