well ... more about the same. Nothing new under the sun!!

Soporte Aludec 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

I expected something NEW ... not repeat the same ideas in different background!!

I don't really think this is a correct statement either, it might just not be as visible as you would think but I do believe this changes the community network drastically already in terms of how everything is organized, what SAP will be coming with looking at the future, not sure what you expected exactly but I believe that if I check out the presentation(s) given by SAP, plenty of change is coming already to deal with

I would expect you to come up with suggestions stating it's nothing new under the sun and you expect something different :) commenting on something and putting it down is the easy part (see, it's easy) :)

Can you please tell me one big difference between the new(?) enviroment and the actual one? For me it's the same concept with different layer. In essential it's the same: there's no "big steps ahead"!! ... that's what I was trying to say in my previuos comment.

I think the only real different is the layer of the community (technical issue) but not a paradigmatic change.


Not an idea!