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Was it necessary?

andrew me ph 8 years ago updated by paul hardy 8 years ago 3

The new SCN profile so far looks like going back to the stone age - instead of well formed and well linked SCN we have blanc page listing. Not sure what was the idea behind this new interface. Can we have the old one back?

Under review

Dear Andrew,

Can you please point to your profile, so we could check what's wrong?





My profile is: https://people.sap.com/andrew.melkonyan

The problem is not with my profile per se. I just fail to understand how the new SCN interface improves on the old one. It has been completely stripped of content. I don't know if you have still access to the old profile on your internal servers to compare with yourself. Why did SAP exchanged the old, well-formed, packed with content site with something that looks like a google-search list? What has been improved in the new SCN?


Looks pretty disappointing to me. I've used the SCN space quite extensively over the past years. Not sure I will find its interface as attractive now - unless this is "WIP" in transition phase.




As Andrew says there is nothing wrong with the new profile, apart from maybe the pictures and biography not getting migrated.

It is just as he says. if you pick someone who has contributed a lot, take a screen shot of their old profile page, and then compare it to the new profile page the difference should be obvious i.e. what is missing should be obvious.

If it is not obvious to you, then nothing I can possibly say will make a difference.