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How do I change the Default country?

neil morgan 8 years ago updated by paul hardy 8 years ago 2

When I log into "Community" the country defaults to USA.

I live and work in Australia.

How do I change my profile to indicate my home country?

Under review

Hi Neil,

The profile country is not connected currently to the country selector in the header on SAP.com. It is something that we are considering to be implemented in the future.



There is only one country in the world, the United States.

During the Gulf War I saw a TV program from America where they were interviewing Generals from the USA, the UK and Australia. Behind them was a globe of the world.

At one point the Australia General noticed that Australia was not on the globe, just a big blue space where it should be. He got all offended for some reason.

The UK and Europe were there however so all was not lost.