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refresh of notification flag

Eli Klovski 7 years ago updated by Franz Heidl 7 years ago 3


Notification flag (next to User's picture in the right upper screen) is not refreshed automatically unless the page is refreshed in the browser. In old SCN, this functionality was available: automatic refresh of notification/moderation happened every 3-5 minutes. Since, it's possible that multiple tabs are open at the same period on the new platform, functionality of automatic refresh is essential



Under review

Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into this.

Confirm this issue. I think this is duplicate of current issue

No, these are two different issues: This one is about not refreshing the notification count in the header, https://sap.userecho.com/topics/356-notification-window-still-shows-read-notifications/ is about the general behavior that you have to manually mark each and every notification item on the notifications platform.