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Fixed center column is a tremendous waste of space

Andrew Stanton 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

wide areas of unused space. For what?

So you can ellipse longer titles when the space is truly available.

This even failed to accept the image upload

Under review


UserEcho is a third party tool where we have no influence on the design whatsoever.


I guess Andrew's remark rather goes to original SAP page, e.g. Q&A:


The design is based on the guidelines by the SAP One Digital Experience program.


Sorry for being snippy, but I am thoroughly annoyed with SAP in general of late. No answers and no-one to call, software is buggy or documentation is broken, then my question to the community is deleted and complaining about that gets closed "As Designed".

This was just another frustration to add to the pile, and I mean this site (that has SAP.COM at the top).


There is a serious addiction to scrolling. Isn't there a support group to cure this?

Why does this say "updated by <user>" when it has not? It was last replied to by Michael.appleby, but my text didnt change.


@Andrew, it seems that the unused space is now available for giving a proper look to the site. I think its better to not blame & suggest what can be done with this empty areas, because the SCN is built by/for you, me & everyone, can say built by us.



I refuse to take even the smallest amount of responsibility for this. Spreading the blame on all of us is ridiculous.