I dunno where I can see my past questions and posts.

denmar 4 years ago updated by Folkert Eilts 4 years ago 4

In the old SCN, I know there's an option for me to see all my past questions and post. Being able to see those gives me freedom to review information. That's very helpful. Here in the new SCN, I don't seem to have an option. It'll be better if I have.



Yes, I second your opinion. In the new SCN, I have to wait for someone to answer my question to get a notification or search through thousands and thousands of them.

It would make much sense to have a menu option that says 'Questions you asked' that will get all the questions I asked in one click.

Hi Denmar, Dhananjay,

Go to people.sap.com. Your profile should come up with your blogs shown. On the left where there is a subsection named Content, you should also see Questions and Answers shown. Click on Questions and you should see those you have asked. Similarly for Answers.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

They are not showed there. I face this issue too. Here is the example:

I have question https://answers.sap.com/questions/69841/public-mail-provider-as-a-smtp-server.html

but it is not listed in my profile:

When you view content on your profile you should be aware of the following:

We always display a cached version of the profile. Updates of a profile like showing latest content are being done whenever the last view of the profile is older than 10 minutes. Hence I assume that you had a look again at your profile after you submitted the question and it took place in less than 10 mins after the actual submission.

We of course know that this is not the ideal situation and we are also looking into designing a faster solution.