Email Notification

paul hardy 8 years ago updated by anthony muller 7 years ago 7

Under the "old" SCN if I posted a blog and someone posted a comment, then I got an email.

This no longer happens. I have to log in every so often to see if anyone has something to say.

Maybe some people don't want to know!


Email notifications are not implemented yet, but will be at some point in the future.

If that is true, how come I just got an automatic email notification from SAP.COM, telling me your response, which was that automatic email notifications are not possible?

Hi Paul,

This is not part of the 1DX SCN. This is a third party tool to gather feedback from the new Profile. It was supposed to be limited to the Profile, but since it is a lot easier to work with and right there, a lot of people have made the assumption that it is for all of 1DX SCN, not just the profile. A lot of people includes me, by the way which Franz Heidl reminded me of earlier today.

UserEcho does have the automatic email notification built in, so you (and I) are receiving the emails for updates.

Cheers, Mike


Unfortunatelly the email notification is not available, i don't like it.

It is a good manner to keep track about a specified topic.


I would say that if SAP as a company is deadly serious about conquering new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, internet of things, big data etc. then they could do worse than, as a first step, working out how to send an email. Most other companies were able to send emails twenty years ago.

when this feature will be supported? thanks