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Merge past contributions to current S-User ID

Arijit Das6 8 years ago updated by bhakti joshi 8 years ago 10

Hi there

This is a bug on the current SCN platform. Past blogs / contributions linked with a different S-User ID cannot be linked to a user's current S-User ID. Hope to see this getting fixed on the new platform?

Under review

Hi Arijit, this is definitely a topic we are aware of and something we actively think about how to resolve it.


But as you know, till now, there is no method available in SAP/SCN to change content posted by 1 user id to change it to another user id contribution or you can say that SCN content owner change is not possible in SCN platform till now. So, its better not to dwell on the past memories & better, if you have a valuable content as per your choice, then please go ahead & post in the current SCN. We would also love to see some new contents & knowledgeable stuffs.



If you want to have multiple authors for content (which would fix Arjit's dilemma), you will have to post it in the Wiki where such is allowed or the multi-author plugin from WordPress could be installed, perhaps in a separate WP instance.

If you use the first option, strangely enough, the Search (onedx.find.sap.com) will not find it. I have already informed the 1DX team of that flaw. Until then (or maybe longer) you can find items in the Wiki using either of the two custom Google searches: https://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=013447253335410278659:k8ob9ipscwg,


The first is the old classic which was created when Search did not work during the transition from SDN to SCN (deja vu all over again?). The second was recently created but in both cases, the indexing may take up to a few weeks to complete and really become useful.


The problem here is that some people have S numbers rather than P numbers linked to their "SCN" user ID. Then when they change companies they cannot edit past blogs. The solution is to use a P number instead which solves the problem going forward but not the past problem. Furthermore over a year ago someone at SAP assured me this was on the fix list and their was a list of people (which I am on, I hope) who wanted their past accounts merged with the current one.

Sadly, i would guess this is going to fall into the "too hard" basket. There are a vast number of other, more serious, problems to be fixed first.

We also need to have the clear differentiation for specific forum like SAP CRM Sales, SAP CRM Marketing etc. Posting questions and contributing in the respective forum is easy and user friendly. Kindly help accordingly and also help merge earlier credit points in this new UI.

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Locking accounts to an S or P number may have made sense when it was used exclusively for customer support, but extending it to all these other systems was a penny-wise, pound foolish kind of decision. Just like your credit card account is not locked to the credit card number, our member accounts should not be tied to a number which is subject to change.


Where have all my past contribution/activities gone?


I have the same problem.
Since we have a second customer number to separate one of our "customers" we serve,

I have TWO S-users.

I suffer from this split of personality in SCN very much, because the single sign on sends me to the SCN profile associated to the S-User i used last.

(YES, i HAD to create a second profile for one single reason: Getting out of an endless loop of signon and create profile requests from SCN)
And I have to say: I HATE IT because I am still ONE SINGLE person.
I do not think that i am the only person who has to use more than one user in the support portal.
But why ist this mapped 1:1 to SCN?
Please help!
Kind regards, Rudi


How to I find all postings of a specific user. When I read an answer from somebody that I think is experienced or knowledgeable and who might be a regular contributor, I would like to read his contributions by clicking on his profile and seeing a list. I don't find that available now like before. Also, it was based on a specific module. Sad, that they created a mess so impractical that for most searches now, I use Google rather than scn.

I certainly need all my threads . it is very good reference content for me and its very important. I am actually shocked to lose it all, its very important for me. should I had saved it offline everytime for so many years??