Question is not listed in Content section of profile

p.astashonak 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

One of my questions is not showed among the Questions.

I have question https://answers.sap.com/questions/69841/public-mail-provider-as-a-smtp-server.html but it is not listed in my profile:

Hi Pavel,

please check again I do see it now.



(Scrum master of people team)

Yes, now it appeared., thanks.

But what was the problem? Smth DB-related?

We always display a cached version of the profile. Updates of a profile like showing latest content are being done whenever the last view of the profile is older than 10 minutes. Hence I assume that you had a look again at your profile after you submitted the question and it took place in less than 10 mins after the actual submission.

We of course know that this is not the ideal situation and we are also looking into designing a faster solution.

No, I checked the profile after the day passed, and second day, and again. It wasn't 10 minutes.

Just compare date of the above question and date when this thread was started.

It smth more serious.