Profile picture resizing

Carlos Pinto 8 years ago updated by Sophia Marx 8 years ago 10

Congrats on the new platform! Maybe it would be a good point that the profile picture could be resized :)


Agreed - zoom, crop, etc. Basic editing features when uploading a profile picture. I found that uploading in IE was not very friendly with the aspect ratio. Portrait images were stretched and landscape images were squeezed. Chrome was ok.


Upload of picture with dimension 1000x1000 (or any higher resolution) failes. Upload of picture with dimension 400x400 works fine. I didn't tested other dimensions.

Under review

@Frank: Just checked and I can’t reproduce it, I can perfectly upload a 1000x1000px image. Could you pls be a bit more specific as to how the upload 'fails' for you?

Do you see any errors? If not, what is the specific behavior you’re experiencing when trying to upload a 1000px image? What platform/browser are you using? Thanks!

Re seizing doesn't work for me with FireFox. There are no option to do the re-seize nor does it resize automatically...

Could you - as quick workaround - give an indication what dimensions - in pixels - the profile picture should be?

Hi Mark - I don't see any updates to this thread for any more feature enhancements for doing a better job with pictures other than straight upload and use as-is. I have found that working with IE, the best option is a good head/shoulder photo with perfect centering and resolutions of 775x763, 1685x1417, 1201x1137, etc. Not exactly sure what aspect ration is preferred but I have several photos of myself that I've cropped in the past for other social media sites, etc. and those were a few example picture sizes that I just tested successfully with IE.

Not very handy from mobile device.

It is in acceptable level, no problem :)


We have additional features planned for avatars on the roadmap.

My profile picture is not getting updated in new portal. size is 480X800.

please suggest me how to do this.

Silly question, but where did the profile pic setting go? I see Account settings but no where to set up a photo. I used SSO and I normally have a photo associated, but I don't see a place to do it here.