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Vladimirs Semikins 8 years ago updated by Jeremy Good 8 years ago 3

Possibility to migrate user profile picture from social accounts, e.g. import profile picture from twitter/gavatar/facebook


Hi Vlad - agree with sharing images. After uploading pictures to various websites, both internally at SAP and externally, I have to mention that other than the 10MB limit mentioned in the drag/drop area, I don't know if I was ever presented with less options to adjust, crop, resize, focus the picture...even knowing the pixel height/width would be beneficial, and after a trying a random set of pictures that made me think I was in a carnival house of mirrors, I finally found one that doesn't distort my mugshot. Ironically the avatar I see here as I'm typing is not the one I just uploaded, but one from another location in the interweb.

Under review

Hi Jeremy,

would it be possible that you send me (volker.gersabeck01@sap.com) the images that did not work for you? Then we can investigate the issue and get a better understanding of what you experienced while changing your avatar picture.



Here are the dimensions of some of the headshot images I have (I don't recall which ones I tried):

100x130, 1233x1287, 257x320, 1600x1216, 1237x1566, 1201x1137

I'm using IE 11, but really what frustrated me was that there were no zoom, crop or edit features, just an upload and then I either looked like my head was being squeezed, or I gained 100 lbs.