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Hi Venkatesh,

the userecho service we use is third party and provided / used as is. so nothing we can do here on our side.

Hi Antonietta,

thanks for the feedback. we are definitely aware of this issue and think about how to resolve this.


at this point in time there is no plan to provide these features. Currently all information provided in the public view is considered public. We might reconsider this when other information types will get added in the future.

Did you try the Elsewhere section, where you can provide any web links?

Hi Beste,

this changes the view on the right side. You can switch between follower, content etc. We are working actively on improving this navigation even further, so that you can filter by content type.

thanks! (I think)

Tammy is the Chuck Norris of SCN. You can't unfollow her. She has to make you unfollow.

Interesting...,not really on our roadmap yet, but something we can look into long term.

Sounds like a read later functionality. There are plenty of external tools available to fill this gap.

Something similar might be a more general concept of lists (like playlists on Spotify) where content either gets manually or dynamically managed. think recommended content, bookmarks, recently liked content etc.