Your comments

If a piece of software is behaving in a bizarre/unexpected/insane manner then this is a problem, even if it is "working as designed".

I can design a car with square wheels. It would not work very well, but it would be working as designed. That does not make it a good car.

In IT there is something called "the principle of least astonishment" which is all about not having the user be shocked by strange behaviour in the software you create. I put it to you that people logged into the SAP community would expect the error logging to be part of the SAP community. Even if it is not, it should APPEAR to be the same system. It does, after all, have a big "SAP" logo on the side of the screen, and it looks the same as the rest of the site i.e. lots of wasted space on the sides of the screen.

Just to post this reply, I had to create yet another new account. That is a textbook example of "astonishing" behaviour..