Missing bookmarks

marc kuipers 8 years ago updated by Arvind Pandalai 7 years ago 8

In the SCN profile, you have a central tab called "Bookmarks" that list all your bookmarked items


I think bookmarks are fundamental tools for the SCN


I miss al my bookmarks as well! I build a list of resources over YEARS and now its all gone :( I am really disappointed in the new platform. The power of SDN and SCN was in all the content.. and now.. its basically gone.. to now separately go and search in archives for previous discussions is really disappointing.


I am missing all the item which i had book marks over the year. Could you please guide how to get all those. Also how we can you same functionality in new versions.


Missing Bookmarks is a huge letdown for me, since I used them to find important topics/guides I had come across. The only way to remember those blogs/discussions is to use a local file with the URLs or a third party service such as Pocket. Old bookmarks are simply lost.


SAP, why aren't you resolving this?


Need bookmarks real bad. Where do I see it in the profile?


I need my bookmarks, they are critical part to my daily work :O comeon SAP, first we had SAP SMP migrated to some community with a very bad search engine, now we have SCN replaced for "this"?


We need the bookmarks back please. Completely agree to @Deon Van Zyl's comment here. Get it back..