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As a profile owner, you can add as amany links to erxternal profiles (SAP or not) in the ”Elsewhere” section (in the sidebar on desktop, under ”Info“ on mobile.

Hi, when looking at your profile at, I see the exact same Avatar as the one you use here?

In case you are referring to any other profile you own, please supply at least the URL.

Not sure what exact page you mean on – we only take care of the profile, sorry. ON the profile at, Avatars should work for S-Users fine as well.

We are aware of the issue and looking into it.

It’s right here under the Avatar when you’re logged in on your profile:

@Frank: Just checked and I can’t reproduce it, I can perfectly upload a 1000x1000px image. Could you pls be a bit more specific as to how the upload 'fails' for you?

Do you see any errors? If not, what is the specific behavior you’re experiencing when trying to upload a 1000px image? What platform/browser are you using? Thanks!

Many thanks for your feedback, we are aware that sometimes the image upload times out, and we’re working on it. This has nothing to do with the email and the password reset though.