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OK I see. When you go to your profile at and click the ”Edit Profile” button, you should be able to change your first and last name. If that does not work, check out, there you should definitely be able to fix your first and last name.

Ah ok, so you're not having issues with the menu itself, but the wrong information is displayed (or are you being logged in with an accountother than what you were expecting?

Hi, what issues are you experiencing with the current header (which is a completely new one)?

No, these are two different issues: This one is about not refreshing the notification count in the header, is about the general behavior that you have to manually mark each and every notification item on the notifications platform.

Please note that your old contributions have been moved to, only content created in the new SCN platform will show up on your profile at

Hi, this tool, ”UserEcho”, does not belong to SAP, so that’s why there's no SSO. You can also simply use your email to register.

Yes, once we have the functionality implemented it will be made clear on the profile itself.