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Although it might be useful, some people might have concerns regarding privacy, showing this information might even be illegal in some countries, hence we have postponed it for now as it surely is not critical for the Community to be of value.

Hi Sughandit,

this is the feedback forum for the SAP Community Profile, please use to post questions like this.


linking an account to a social media account when logging in means you will be able to use the social account credentials to log in at SAP. To include links to other social profiles of yours, please check the ’Elsewhere’ section on the profile at


any update on this? We can not reproduce this anympore, hence closing. Please re-open if still persists.


this is the feedback forum for the new Community Profile. To ask a question like yours, the Community at would be the perfect place ;)

Hi Craig,

I am afraid I have to take back everything I said except for the part where I stated we use the same sequence we get from the API. The sorting indeed APPEARS to be by user id (and user type), I don't have this confirmed yet though.

I just had it confirmed there currently is NO sorting.

Sorry, I know we have to do better than that.

Hi Victoria,

all the content form the old SCN has been moved to