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Merge past contributions to current S-User ID

Arijit Das6 8 years ago updated by bhakti joshi 8 years ago 10

Hi there

This is a bug on the current SCN platform. Past blogs / contributions linked with a different S-User ID cannot be linked to a user's current S-User ID. Hope to see this getting fixed on the new platform?


Missing bookmarks

marc kuipers 8 years ago updated by Arvind Pandalai 8 years ago 8

In the SCN profile, you have a central tab called "Bookmarks" that list all your bookmarked items


Profile picture resizing

Carlos Pinto 8 years ago updated by Sophia Marx 8 years ago 10

Congrats on the new platform! Maybe it would be a good point that the profile picture could be resized :)


Badges & Points

Niloy Biswas 8 years ago updated by Franz Heidl 8 years ago 7

Its Good to see badges & points or Ranks with their Profile.

Under review

Was it necessary?

andrew me ph 8 years ago updated by paul hardy 8 years ago 3

The new SCN profile so far looks like going back to the stone age - instead of well formed and well linked SCN we have blanc page listing. Not sure what was the idea behind this new interface. Can we have the old one back?


Can we access to oldies articles bookmarks etc.

Mehmet Emre Gönen 8 years ago 0

Can we access to oldies articles bookmarks etc. ?

I couldn't any button on profil page, are these on the road map?


Very cool

todd sherbondy 8 years ago updated by Folkert Eilts 8 years ago 3

great solution guys


Old Profile was much better!!!

anilpawar 8 years ago 0

Lot of information is missing with the New profile in place, so is it possible to have an option to select the old profile.


Email Notification

paul hardy 8 years ago updated by anthony muller 8 years ago 7

Under the "old" SCN if I posted a blog and someone posted a comment, then I got an email.

This no longer happens. I have to log in every so often to see if anyone has something to say.

Maybe some people don't want to know!

Under review

I think the older profile contained more info.

paula ditallo 8 years ago updated by Eli Klovski 8 years ago 2