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I would say that if SAP as a company is deadly serious about conquering new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, internet of things, big data etc. then they could do worse than, as a first step, working out how to send an email. Most other companies were able to send emails twenty years ago.

If that is true, how come I just got an automatic email notification from SAP.COM, telling me your response, which was that automatic email notifications are not possible?

As Andrew says there is nothing wrong with the new profile, apart from maybe the pictures and biography not getting migrated.

It is just as he says. if you pick someone who has contributed a lot, take a screen shot of their old profile page, and then compare it to the new profile page the difference should be obvious i.e. what is missing should be obvious.

If it is not obvious to you, then nothing I can possibly say will make a difference.

There is only one country in the world, the United States.

During the Gulf War I saw a TV program from America where they were interviewing Generals from the USA, the UK and Australia. Behind them was a globe of the world.

At one point the Australia General noticed that Australia was not on the globe, just a big blue space where it should be. He got all offended for some reason.

The UK and Europe were there however so all was not lost.

What happens is thus. You log onto SAP.COM. After a gigantic delay, more than for any web site in history, the landing page appears.

At the bottom of the screen is that huge pointless picture of people standing round having a good time, hiding the useful links which are hiding off the bottom of the screen. SAP has never understood UX design and still does not, clearly.

At the top of the screen is the search icon, then an icon saying "log on" and then a little circle showing the stars and stripes.

It is odd that a German company would presume every single person in the world lives in America. In actual fact they do not.

When you do press "log on" (which I never had to do under the old system, the Chrome browser remembered the logon details) the USA icon goes away.

On proper social media sites, that know what they are doing, you get the flag of whatever country you have nominated as your home country.

It seems that the email address is part of the primary key of a user account, so if your email address changes then you need a new account.

I really hope that is not the database design, it is, it is insane.Contact details like address, phone number, email, can and do change over time for the same person. They are still the same person afterwards. In SAP HR you can change address and not need a new personnel number.

It is lucky age is not part of the primary key, otherwise you would need a new account every year.

The problem here is that some people have S numbers rather than P numbers linked to their "SCN" user ID. Then when they change companies they cannot edit past blogs. The solution is to use a P number instead which solves the problem going forward but not the past problem. Furthermore over a year ago someone at SAP assured me this was on the fix list and their was a list of people (which I am on, I hope) who wanted their past accounts merged with the current one.

Sadly, i would guess this is going to fall into the "too hard" basket. There are a vast number of other, more serious, problems to be fixed first.