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No, I checked the profile after the day passed, and second day, and again. It wasn't 10 minutes.

Just compare date of the above question and date when this thread was started.

It smth more serious.

Yes, now it appeared., thanks.

But what was the problem? Smth DB-related?

The functioning of SCN is quite clear, but that don't contradict with the idea of chat. Check SO implementation. Joining chat is always voluntarily but nevertheless those who are ready to help always can help.

They are not showed there. I face this issue too. Here is the example:

I have question

but it is not listed in my profile:

I am not a SAP employee, for you to know :) With all other statements I am fully agree.

It's a common ancient issue. Old SCN suffered from this too: it was almost impossible to find anything there without Google.

What don't you understand? It's so evident: it would be easy to chat with expert about particular problem if he is ready to chat.