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If you want to have multiple authors for content (which would fix Arjit's dilemma), you will have to post it in the Wiki where such is allowed or the multi-author plugin from WordPress could be installed, perhaps in a separate WP instance.

If you use the first option, strangely enough, the Search ( will not find it. I have already informed the 1DX team of that flaw. Until then (or maybe longer) you can find items in the Wiki using either of the two custom Google searches:,

The first is the old classic which was created when Search did not work during the transition from SDN to SCN (deja vu all over again?). The second was recently created but in both cases, the indexing may take up to a few weeks to complete and really become useful.

Hi Kaushik,

I am really glad to hear from a real user who gets it.

I'm really tired of the cheerleaders who go "oooh it looks so pretty". Or worse, "I haven't tested it, but I know everything will work wonderfully!"

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

I would like to have the font for what we type to be something other than size 2.5 (barely readable) in messages. I would also like to be able to see the configuration of Notifications so I can unmark email notifications for specific content types. Along those same lines, we need something like the current Track In Communications so I know what has and has not yet been read.

I would also like to see the Profile in all the various content areas (blogs, chat, questions, moderation, etc.). Right now, I have to keep going back to Questions. Several of the content areas don't transfer your login (which I know is already logged as a bug), but some log you in, but don't show it with your icon and there is no ability to look at the drop down from your ID.

Sorry to be venting, but since I have you here...

Also the Save window (popup) never closes or shows that the picture has been loaded.

I think the level of configuration is a bit lacking, but much of it is fine.