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Hi Megha,

Well, I have searched every which way I can, from your profile to answers to Moderator tasks list to Tag Page, used all three search engines even scanned 90,000+ blogs and I do not see it. How did you know it was in Moderation? Was this before October 10 or after (New SCN or Old SCN?).

Cheers, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

If this took place after October 10, then please post a question reporting this as a bug with the primary tag "Using" and point it to me (@Michael Appleby) and I will see if I can get the 1DX SCN team to take a look.

Hi Megha Jain,

can you provide some more information on what the topic was (especially helpful with the exact title) and which Primary Tag you used? If I can find it, I can fix it. It may already have been released by another moderator, but I can not see it at the moment.

Cheers, Mike (Moderator)

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Hi Refeesh,

Please ask the question as Franz suggests and add the appropriate Crystal Reports tag as the Primary Tag (scroll down from the question's content). That should allow the correct subject matter experts to view your question.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

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Hi Deon,

I share your frustration and hope that people will be able to find the solutions presently hard to find in the roughly 2.7 million SCN Discussions moved to the Archive.

Try this custom Google search,,

which should work fairly well. I do want to let you know that the web crawlers are still building the content indices necessary for search to work. It is quite possible that no matter which search you use, it will take a few more days, possibly as long as a week more for that task to be complete and you be able to find all the content with the already generated solutions.

Cheers, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Hi Paul,

This is not part of the 1DX SCN. This is a third party tool to gather feedback from the new Profile. It was supposed to be limited to the Profile, but since it is a lot easier to work with and right there, a lot of people have made the assumption that it is for all of 1DX SCN, not just the profile. A lot of people includes me, by the way which Franz Heidl reminded me of earlier today.

UserEcho does have the automatic email notification built in, so you (and I) are receiving the emails for updates.

Cheers, Mike

Hi Emilio,

Do you buy a car without test driving it? Or just because you admire the styling?

Probably not. Please try to exercise the functionality before posting an opinion which when viewed would reflect on the whole product.

Thanks, Mike


Did you create a blog or question?

Have you posted a response or do a search for something specific?

Did you try to chat with anyone or find something in the Wiki?If you did any of these items were you happy with the experience?

Please let us know as we need detailed feedback so we can fix whatever is not working to our members satisfaction.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG is the direct route. Or any site should have a Community dropdown menu at the top, center which has a link to the same site. Or click on your Profile Icon and select Q & A. Might be a few more options as well. Check it out.

Regards, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

I've got to agree with Paul. Along with the S and P number rigidity, this is a poor design. The primary key should be independent of such malleable data. Ideally email address would be a mandatory field (maybe), but allowed to be updated.

Locking accounts to an S or P number may have made sense when it was used exclusively for customer support, but extending it to all these other systems was a penny-wise, pound foolish kind of decision. Just like your credit card account is not locked to the credit card number, our member accounts should not be tied to a number which is subject to change.